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Welcome to Appleseed Energy in Nova Scotia

Appleseed Energy Inc offers professional solar installation in Nova Scotia. We offer a wide range of solar installations, including pitched roofs, flat roofs, and ground-mounted systems. Our commitment to exceptional service and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the industry. Brian Rose and Gloria Hill lead our business and bring extensive expertise and real-world knowledge to our work. As we provide Solar PV to our community, we make it our mission to be a responsible, local company that cares for its employees and enriches our community.

solar panel

The Mastermind Behind the Business

In 2009, Brian co-founded Appleseed Energy with his friend Ross MacDonald. Originally from Indiana, Brian and his wife Gina now live on Janvrin’s island. They have been living off-grid since 2001, focusing on solar energy as a sought-after and renewable power source. Brian dedicated his time to mastering solar technology and off-grid living. Through his dedication and hard work, the business flourished. Today, our team of professionals install over 1000 solar panels annually. We have installed Solar PV arrays since 2011 and have completed over 600 grid-tied arrays and 100+ off-grid arrays. Our projects span far and wide, demonstrating our enduring commitment to our work.

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Meet the Team

Our team is hardworking and dedicated to helping build a more sustainable future. Our company owner, Brian, has a wealth of real-world solar knowledge. In 2009, Appleseed Energy Inc started out working with wind turbines as a potential sustainable energy source. We later shifted our focus to solar PV as it became one of the most affordable and versatile solar options. Our dedicated team helps build and install custom, high-quality, off-grid homes that prove you can achieve luxury and comfort while living sustainably.

Pioneering Sustainable Power Solutions

Appleseed Energy is an experienced company specializing in solar PV installations. With a track record of over 600 grid-tied arrays and expertise in Enphase and AP System micro-inverters, we have established ourselves as leaders in the field. Led by Brian Rose, who brings extensive knowledge and certifications in renewable energy, the team is committed to delivering quality installations. Gloria Hill oversees the administrative side of the business, ensuring smooth operations. With the Efficiency NS Rebate program and federal incentives, Appleseed Energy has grown its workforce and continues to thrive in the Solar PV sector in Nova Scotia.

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