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After having two solar arrays installed by them, we found Appleseed Energy to be one of the best contractors we have dealt with amongst all the trades in our property renovation. The price was as quoted, the work was done promptly and as specified, and they answered all our questions, both during the installation and afterwards. Appleseed completed all the necessary paperwork and it was a seamless approval process with NS Power. We would highly recommend Appleseed Energy.

Richardson, South Bar

Great quality of work and easy to monitor daily system output. Appreciate the flexibility in payment.

MB, New Glasgow

Over 4 years now since installation (connected Nov 26th, 2018) and so far the efficiency of the new panels on the market have doubled. Ours delivers 300W, the new ones up to 450W. I did not figure out the cost per kW of the new installations compared to ours but one thing is certain, our system has delivered over 55 mega Watts of energy (the equivalent of $8000. at 15.5¢/kW) that we used or was paid back to us from the grid Nova Scotia Power) at the end of each year. The decision we made back then was a very easy one even when there were no rebate programs back then. Yes, we eventually benefited of a remittance of a $1/Watt installed or $9652. after installation. At that rate, the sun would have paid for our installation in less than 12 years or somewhere in 2030 or earlier depending on the cost of electricity till then.
One of main reason we decided to deal with Appleseed was their proximity and their expertise. The support we received during the process leading to and after installation could make the subject of a thesis on business efficiency. As client we only had to sign the contract, watch the knowledgeable crew do the install and sign the cheque when done. The mount of paperwork that was involved in dealings with NSPI, Efficiency NS, regulators, etc was tremendous and was completed by Gloria who’s been there for us all along. A contribution in the background that is important and very much appreciated but too often forgotten. Sincere Thank you Gloria!

The Clarke’s, Sydney

We were Absolutely Satisfied with the Exceptional Customer Service we Received from Appleseed Energy. From Our first contact to receive Our Quote , to the Installation , Customer Service was the Best. The price for Solar Panels is Fair with the Rebates. “Installing Our Solar Panels was the Best Financial Decision We made”.. We are Extremely Happy with the Savings We See. We Love the Enlighten App to see the Energy the Solar Panels Generate Daily, Easy to use. Appleseed Energy serves the Community with the Best in Customer Service, Above & Beyond. With Gratitude, Melanie & Robert Clarke

Melanie & Robert Clarke

Approximately four years ago we decided to make the move to a solar array. After much searching we discovered Appleseed Energy. To say we were pleased with the quality of their work in installation of the panels, completion of all paper work for grants and Nova Scotia Power agreement would be an understatement. If you are looking to install solar you couldn't go wrong with Appleseed. And as for solar what a great move. We had managed to save a little money to pay towards our install and the return we have received through not paying for power far exceeds any interest we could have made on the savings. So if you are considering solar you can't go wrong with Appleseed Energy.
And if you know me and see their sign on my property know this it is by my request and in no way was I compensated for it or this recommendation.

Adam Crosby, Gardiner Mines NS

I spent roughly a year researching and comparing companies. Appleseed was above the rest and were the reason I decided to proceed with Solar. They welcomed the opportunity to assess and compare other quotes/technology for comparison and I could see the value in their knowledge base and experience. Brian visited my property, within a day or 2, and I knew right away he was someone knowledgeable but also very passionate about Solar.
These guys presented me a complete package, including multi-roof installation and all electrical updating taking care of. I didn’t have to bring in anyone else and this was very satisfying to know there were no hidden costs and I didn’t have do anything additional myself.
Appleseed guided me and made the process of application and rebate submission easy. I’ve called for some minor things following the installation and they always find a resolution. I strongly recommend this company if you are in the Solar market and I’ve already had friends I’ve referred to them install Solar and its likely a Non-profit that I’ve recommended will as well. 5-star service and experience for me.

Terry Allen, Howie Center

We met Brian more than 15 years ago for the first time. His way of explaining in plain English what a solar system is, the advantages, the rebates, and the installation process convinced us that he's 'the guy'. It took us a few more years til we got our first solar panels installed. That was over 10 years ago. We are still very happy with it: never had a single issue. Quite a few of our neighbours and friends have it now as well. And our cottage has solar panels as well. The tens of thousands of dollars we saved make it even more of a no-brainer. Thanks to the Appleseed Energy Team - a great bunch of always-there-for-you people.
Hope this helps. Use it in any way you want.

Joe & Bridget

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